Germoloids Cream 55g

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Germoloids Cream is a 4in1 Action formula that provides fast, numbing relief from the symptoms of haemorrhoids (piles):

  • Local anaesthetic pain relief
  • Soothes itching
  • Shrinks piles
  • Protects against infection.

Germoloids Cream is formulated with a local anaesthetic, lidocaine hydrochloride, to numb and soothe the pain, itching, and general discomfort associated with haemorrhoids.

The water-based cream format has been designed to manage your symptoms by moisturising and soothing the affected area.

Germoloids Cream also contains zinc oxide which helps to shrink the enlarged haemorrhoids and protect sore, sensitive skin against infection.

  • Suitable for internal and external piles
  • Applicator included for easy, hygienic use
  • Suitable for vegetarians
  • Can be used during pregnancy & breastfeeding*

*If you are pregnant, medicines can affect the unborn baby. Always talk to your pharmacist or doctor before using Germoloids® during pregnancy.


Adults and children aged 12 years and over: Apply at least twice a day with a minimum of three to four hours between applications

Further applications can be made at any time of the day and are particularly recommended after a bowel movement.

Do not use more than four times in any 24-hour period.

External piles: Apply to the affected area.

Internal piles: Apply a little cream to the applicator before use. Gently insert applicator into the anal opening and carefully squeeze the tube to distribute the cream.


This medicine must not be used if you are allergic (hypersensitive) to zinc oxide or lidocaine, or any of the other ingredients in the product (see section 6, Further information).

Before using Germoloids Cream, see your doctor if you:

  • Continually suffer from haemorrhoids or have severe haemorrhoids.
  • Experience excessive bleeding.

You may use Germoloids Cream if you are pregnant or breast-feeding but as with all medicines at this time, you should discuss it with your doctor first.

The cream contains methyl hydroxybenzoate (E218) which may cause allergic reactions (possibly delayed).


Germoloids Cream contains lidocaine hydrochloride 0.7%w/w and zinc oxide 6.6% w/w, among other ingredients including polawax, white soft paraffin, methyl salicylate, methyl hydroxybenzoate, butyl hydroxybenzoate, purified water.

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