Kotex Pantliners Normal Breathable Pack of 35

Kotex Pantliners Normal Breathable Pack of 35

£1.09 Save: £0.06 RRP: £1.15

Brand: Kotex
Code: 3018934
Weight: 79g (includes packaging)


Whether you need protection on light days, backup support, or just to feel fresh every day, pick up a box of our regular liners. Features like no artificial fragrances and a touch of natural cotton let your protection blend seamlessly into your day.

  • For Light Flow and Everyday
  • 20% longer than regular Lightdays Pantiliners for added coverage.
  • Incredibly soft cover.
  • Secure-hold adhesive.
  • Unscented. 

This product has stay-in-place protection for your comfort, and is made with Comfort-Flex design to move with you.
Cottony soft cover
All-around leakage barrier
Contains no scents or artificial fragrances.


Please see the packaging for easy to follow instructions.


Please use according to the instructions on the pack.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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