Lifesystems EX4 Anti Mosquito Spray for Fabrics 350ml

Lifesystems EX4 Anti Mosquito Spray for Fabrics 350ml

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EX4 Anti-Mosquito clothing treatment provides long-lasting and durable protection for use on textiles e.g. on clothing, tents, sun shelters or rucksacks. EX4 can be used as one of a series of measures designed to protect against tropical diseases like Malaria, Dengue Fever and West Nile Virus. The treatment is sprayed onto the textile and will remain effective for 2 weeks. To maintain optimum performance for garments treatment will need to be reapplied after each wash. One bottle treats approximately 3.5 square metres of fabric.


One bottle will treat 3.5m2 of fabric (approx).

1. Protect working surface and lay item flat.
2. Ensure item is clean and dry.
3. Hold bottle 40cm away and spray evenly to outside of fabric.
4.  Wait for 2 minutes. Remove any surplus with a damp cloth.
5. Allow at least 2 hours for treated fabrics to dry before handling, use or storage. Allow at least 2 weeks before retreatment.


Keep out of reach of children.
Keep away from food, drink and animal feeding stuffs.
Do not empty into drains.
Wash any contamination from skin or eyes immediately.
Wash hands and exposed skin before meals and after use.


Active ingredient: Permethrin 0.49% w/w.

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