Lifesystems SuperLight Single Mosquito Net

Lifesystems SuperLight Single Mosquito Net

Lifesystems SuperLight Single Mosquito Net

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Brand: Lifesystems
Code: 5555705003
Weight: 220g (includes packaging)


Mosquitoes and biting insects are very active after dark, so whilst sleeping you’re at your most vulnerable. Use of a mosquito net at night is therefore as important as using an effective repellent.

All Lifesystem mosquito nets are treated with an Anti Mosquito insecticidal formula, which last for 2 years or 20 washes. 

The SuperLight is ideal for the minimalist traveller who is looking to save space and weight in their pack. The net is wedge-shaped and hangs from a single hanging point. It can cover a single bed, camp bed or sleeping bag.


Packed: 16L x 8H x 8W cm

Unpacked: 200L x 185H x 135W cm


Assembly: Attach the cord to a suitable hanging point. The integrated quick hang system makes it simple to adjust. Simply press the button on the cord-lock, set the desired cord length and then release the button to secure in position. Tuck excess netting under mattress. When outdoors, use pegs or weights to secure excess netting to ground.

Disassembly: Roll up tightly and slide into bag.


There are no warnings listed for this product.


This net has been impregnated with Lifesystems EX8 Anti-Mosquito, an insecticidal formula that adds an extra layer of protection.

Active ingredient: Permethrin.

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