MoliCare Premium Elastic Medium Pack of 26

MoliCare Premium Elastic Medium Pack of 26

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Brand: MoliCare
Code: 5550621002
Weight: 3300g (includes packaging)


For when you need extra security, absorption and peace of mind, the Premium Elastic 8 Drops slip will provide you with all the dryness and comfort you need. Specifically designed for very severe incontinence, these unisex slips are available in a range of sizes and are highly absorbent, without adding extra bulk under your clothes. Slimline and made from lightweight, breathable material, the Premium Elastic 8 Drops can be quickly and easily put on and taken off, with two resealable side tapes enabling a secure, custom fit.

The Elastic 8 Drops slip is also designed with active skin protection, to help maintain a healthy pH balance and keep delicate skin, clean and dry. Inside there is a highly absorbent three-layer core that draws liquid away from the body and inner cuffs to protect against any leaks. With a wetness indicator on the back sheet plus added odour neutralisers, the Premium Elastic Drop 8 gives exceptional comfort as well as the confidence that comes with feeling totally fresh and dry.

For day-to-day comfort and protection, the MoliCare® Premium Elastic 8 Drops all-in-one incontinence slip with two elasticated side panels providing secure protection while maintaining healthy skin.

  • Elasticate side panels in the hip area ensure better adaptation to the body's shape and movement, ensuring comfortable use
  • Two-re-closable tapes for easy handling and secure closing
  • Neutralises unpleasant odours for enhanced well-being
  • Together with the three-layer absorbent core, the fluid repellent inner cuffs provide leakage protection for added security
  • The materials used have an extremely low potential to trigger allergic reactions
  • Wetness indicator on the back sheet shows when its time to change
  • Approximately 20% faster application as well as easier and more ergonomic handling for caregivers

Size Guide:

Size Waist / Hip Measurements
Small 28 - 36" / 70 - 90cm
Medium 34 - 48" / 85 - 120cm
Large 46 - 57" / 115 - 145cm
Extra Large 56 - 69" / 140 - 175cm

Formally known as MoliMed.

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