Nelsons Arnicare Cream 50g

Nelsons Arnicare Cream 50g

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A first aid application, for all types of bruises resulting from injuries, knocks and falls. A topical herbal remedy traditionally used in the symptomatic treatment of bruises.

Studies show that applied topically, Arnica helps the healing process of bruises, sprains and muscle aches.

Studies show that arnica extract helps stimulate blood flow, so by applying topical arnica onto a bruise, this may help reduce discolouration of the skin, stiffness and soreness associated with bruising


Apply gently to bruised areas. Do not apply to cut or broken skin


If pregnant or breast-feeding consult your doctor before use. Do not use if sensitive to any ingredient. 

Do not apply to broken skin - if sensitivity occurs discontinue use.


Purified water, Glyceryl monostearate + macrogol stearate, apricot kernel oil, theobroma oil, glycerol, polawax GP200 (cetearyl alcohol, PEG-20 Stearate), cetostearyl alcohol, cetyl palmitate, glyceryl monocaprylate, methyl parahydroxybenzoate, propyl parahydroxybenzoate.

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