Nicorette® Quickmist Fresh Mint 1mg/Spray Mouth Spray Nicotine 2x150 Sprays (Stop Smoking Aid)

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  • Fast Craving Relief - Nicorette QuickMist starts to relieve cravings in just 30 seconds to help you stop smoking or vaping once & for all.
  • Break the Habit and Quit Smoking for Good - With Nicorette QuickMist Mouthspray you’re 150% more likely to quit smoking for good vs. willpower alone. No other single nicotine replacement  therapy product is more effective when it comes to quitting for good†
  • Portable Craving Relief Anytime, Anywhere - Nicorette QuickMist spray is a stop smoking aid that is discreetly packaged & ideal for use on the go. So you can act fast to relieve cravings wherever they strike.
  • Helps to Make Nicotine Cravings a Thing of the Past - Use the nicotine spray whenever you feel the urge to smoke, up to a maximum of 4 sprays per hour/64 sprays per day
  • Nicorette is Great Britain’s Preferred Quitting Partner* - More smokers choose to quit with Nicorette than any other NRT brand. Clinically proven to help you stop smoking. *based on sales data. Based on Nielsen RMS data for the Nicotine Replacement Therapy category (client defined) for the 12-month period ending 29.02.2020 for the Great Britain (excluding Northern Ireland) total retail market (Copyright © 2020, Nielsen). For verification contact 0808 238 10008.

What is Nicorette® QuickMist Mouthspray?

Nicorette® QuickMist Mouthspray is a mouth spray that contains nicotine and is used as a Stop Smoking Aid. Trying to quit smoking is not easy, it requires willpower and determination but the health benefits of quitting are more than enough to fight for. Nicorette® QuickMist Mouthspray can help assist people on this journey by helping to relieve withdrawal symptoms.

How does Nicorette® QuickMist Mouthspray work?

Nicorette® QuickMist is used to relieve and/or prevent withdrawal symptoms and reduce the cravings you get when you try to stop smoking or when cutting down the number of cigarettes you smoke. The nicotine mouth spray allows nicotine to be absorbed into your bloodstream through the inside lining of your mouth to help relieve the withdrawal symptoms when you stop smoking. It provides a safer alternative to smoking for both the individual and those around them. 

Ideally, you should aim to stop smoking. However, it can be used in many different ways, either to completely replace all your cigarettes or if you do not feel ready to stop smoking completely, to replace certain cigarettes and therefore help you cut down the number of cigarettes you smoke. It may also help increase your motivation to quit. 

Always read the label. 


  • Upon first use, point the nozzle away and press the top of the dispenser several times until a fine spray appears.  If the spray is not used for 2 or more days this may need to be repeated.
  • Point the spray nozzle towards the open mouth, holding it as close as possible.
  • Press the top of the dispenser to release one spray into the mouth, avoiding the lips.
  • To avoid getting spray down the throat, don't inhale while spraying.
  • For best results, don't swallow for a few seconds after spraying.
Use Nicorette Quickmist when you would normally smoke.

Users should use 1-2 sprays when they would normally smoke or have cravings to smoke.
  • Use one spray first and if your cravings do not disappear within a few minutes use the second spray
  • If 2 sprays are required, future doses may be delivered as 2 sprays
  • For most smokers this means about 1 or 2 sprays every 30 minutes to 1 hour.
The maximum does is 2 sprays at a time, 4 sprays per hour and 64 sprays per day.

As is the case with all forms of NRT you may experience some side effects this include:

  • Tingling lips - some users have reported a mild burning sensation on their lips if they come into contact with the spray. This is completely normal and nothing to worry about.  To avoid, simply take care not to get any spray on your lips.
  • Hiccups - Some users also report getting mild hiccups when using the spray.  Don't worry, this is a common side effect for oral forms of NRT.
  • Strong taste - Some users have reported that Nicorette Quickmist has a distinctive, strong taste.  This is quite normal for NRT products due to the strong taste of nicotine, the active ingredient.

The maximum dose is 2 sprays at a time, 4 sprays per hour and 64 sprays per day.

Always read the packing and labels before use.


1mg of nicotine, propylene glycol, anhydrous ethanol, trometamol, poloxamer 407, glycerol, sodium hydrogen carbonate, levomenthol, mint flavour, cooling flavour, sucralose, acesulfame potassium, hydrochloric acid, purified water.

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