Peach Eucalyptus Oil 25ml

Peach Eucalyptus Oil 25ml

Peach Eucalyptus Oil 25ml

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Brand: Peach
Code: 3943701
Weight: 65g (includes packaging)


Eucalyptus Oil has been designed to be a hard hitting, fast and effective relief formula for coughs, colds and blocked noses.

Eucalyptus Oil is renowned for its pleasant, gentle and caring formula which quickly and effectively relieves symptoms of those who are suffering from a cold.


Sprinkle a few drops on to a handkerchief and inhale the vapour as required. Or add a few drops into a bowl of warm water and inhale the steamy vapour as required.


For external use only.

Keep away from children.

Caution: this product is flammable - keep away from naked flames.


Eucalyptus Oil 100%.

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