PHA Flea Collar For Dogs and Puppies 65cm

PHA Flea Collar For Dogs and Puppies 65cm

PHA Flea Collar For Dogs and Puppies 65cm

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Brand: PHA
Code: 3707767
Weight: 43g


Why should I use PHA Flea Collar for Dogs?

Fleas can cause irritation and make your dog scratch.  Fleas can also carry tapeworm and disease.  PHA Flea Collar for Dogs is a simple and convenient way to repel fleas quickly and effectively.

Flea Control Programme

This product should be used as part of an effective flea control programme.  Fleas spend the majority of their life cycle in pet bedding, carpets and soft furnishings, only the adults live on pets.  These areas should be treated with  suitable household insecticide such as PHA Home Spray and vacuumed regularly.

The active ingredients in the collar will start to spread over the surface of the skin as soon as it is fitted.  Depending on the size of the dog, this may take up to 7 days to cover the whole body and for the collar to be fully effective.



Carefully remove the collar from the pack.  Retain the box for future reference.  Fit the collar comfortably around your dog's neck.  A correct fit is tight enough to fit snugly around the neck (too loose and your dog may try to get it off), but loose enough to enable you to insert two fingers between the collar and the neck.  If the collar is too long, cut the spare piece off with scissors and dispose of.

Fit a new PHA Flea Collar for Dogs every 16 weeks for continued protection.



After use, examine your dog's neck periodically as, occasionally, a sensitive animal may experience localised irritation.  Should this happen, bathe the area with a mild, non-insecticidal shampoo.  If symptoms persist, or your dog becomes unwell, consult a veterinarian.

  • For use only as an insect repellent.
  • For amateur use against fleas.
  • For use on dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age.