Profoot Blister Plasters Pack of 6

Profoot Blister Plasters Pack of 6

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Profoot hydrocolloid Blister Plasters instantly relieve the pain of blisters. They work like a second skin and create an optimal environment for healing. They also protect the damaged skin from moisture, dirt and bacteria.

Can be used on existing blisters or red skin before a blister has formed.


Clean the affected area and dry thoroughly.

If blister has burst disinfect using a mild antiseptic.

Remove glossy paper side and apply plaster over the affected area without touching the adhesive side. Remove top paper.

Leave the plaster in place until it loosens naturally.


Do not use on infected wounds.

If you have diabetes or problems with circulation, ask your doctor or chiropodist before using the product.

If the blister fails to heal or the surrounding skin becomes red and swollen, then consult your doctor or pharmacist.

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