Safe & Sound Waterproof Dressings Pack of 5

Safe & Sound Waterproof Dressings Pack of 5


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Protects cuts, grazes and other wounds from getting wet with Safe and Sound Health’s Waterproof Film Dressings. The breathable and flexible wound dressing completely seals off the wound, preventing any water from reaching the wound or becoming trapped around the injury.

The strong adhesion offers a high level of protection and ensures the plaster won’t wash away when showing, bathing or swimming. The flexible film dressing allows for movement while providing 100% waterproof protection. The absorbent, non-stick wound pad helps create an ideal healing environment without sticking to the wound.

Safe and Sound Health’s Waterproof Film Dressings are ideal for swimming, showering and bathing. Made from a transparent material, they are almost invisible for discreet protection.

  • 100% waterproof wound protection
  • Made from a flexible and breathable material
  • Prevents water from reaching the wound while healing
  • Strong adhesion for reliable protection
  • Ideal for swimming, showering and bathing

Size: 5cm x 7.5cm


Before applying one of Safe and Sound Health’s Waterproof Film Dressings ensure you have thoroughly washed your hands with either soap and water or an antibacterial hand gel.

Gently rinse the wound with clean water and ensuring any dirt or grit it removed. You can use an antiseptic wipe or antiseptic wound spray to clean and disinfect the wound and surrounding area.

To help with adhesion, gently pat the skin dry.

Remove the waterproof film dressing from the packaging and firmly press down on the adhesive, ensuring the plaster is secure without any bumps or gaps around the edges.

Remove and apply a clean waterproof dressing as required.

Please refer to packaging before use.


Do not reuse this product as the adhesive will no longer be effective and there is a risk of infection.

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