Scholl Hard Skin & Callus 2 In 1 Pen 9ml

Scholl Hard Skin & Callus 2 In 1 Pen 9ml

Scholl Hard Skin & Callus 2 In 1 Pen 9ml


Scholl's most effective targeted treatment for stubborn, hard skin. 

First the roller ball delivers gel directly to the hard skin and then the safety blades remove it. Hyaluronic acid gel quickly prepares the skin for effective hard skin removal. Three safety blades are angled and arranged for targeted, effective and safe hard skin removal. The Scholl 2 in 1 Hard Skin Removal System targets problem areas, cares for feet and improves the look and feel of feet.


Apply gel to affected area and massage with roller ball. 

Allow up to 2 minutes for the gel to work on the skin. 

Scrape safety blade heads over treated skin using sufficient pressure to remove dead skin. Replace lid after use. Rinse safety blades with water to clean.


Do not use on broken, bleeding skin. Avoid soft cuticle area and nails. 

Keep out of reach of children. Store safely. 

Stop using if skin becomes sore or inflamed. 

Suitable for regular use. 

This product is not suitable for diabetics or those with poor blood circulation.

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