Silicol Gel 200ml

Silicol Gel 200ml

Silicol Gel 200ml

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Brand: Silicol Gel
Code: 3780368
Weight: 250g (includes packaging)


Containing Silicic Acid, a compound of Silicon & Oxygen, silicol®gel is a hydrated liquid gel that can be easily taken as an oral dose which then acts rapidly in the gastrointestinal tract.

The therapeutic action of silicol®gel is due to the large and reactive surface of colloidal silicic acid and its ability as an adsorbent to:

cover the lining (mucous) of the stomach and intestine bind toxins, irritants, cell residues and excess acidity, and carry them safely and naturally out of the body  thereby protecting the lining of the stomach and intestine to maintain digestive comfort.

SilicolGel acts as a “magnet” physically adsorbing/binding irritants, harmful toxins & pathogens, rendering them harmless. 

SilicolGel also adsorbs excess acidity and gases reducing bloating


Shake bottle before use.

To treat gastrointestinal disorders:

Take 1 tablespoon (15ml) of silicolgel three times daily, preferable before meals.

Silicolgel can be taken either undiluted or diluted with water or tea. After acute symptoms ease, treatment with silicol gel can continue for another few days.

Silicolgel also alleviates similar symptoms in the gastrointestinal tract that may occur due to a change in diet during travel or on holidays.

If the symptoms have not reduced after three days, consult a medical doctor.

With diarrhoea, it is necessary to compensate fluid loss by drinking sufficient fluid.


Please seek medical advice before use by children under 12.

Do not exceed recommended dose.


3.5g Silicon dioxide in 100ml Silicic acid gel, preservatives: sorbic acid (E200), sodium benzoate (E211).

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