Soft and Pure Soft Cotton Wool Cosmetic Pads Pack of 100

Soft and Pure Soft Cotton Wool Cosmetic Pads Pack of 100


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Soft & Pure Cotton Wool Cosmetic Pads are made from 100% pure cotton making them supersoft, absorbent and gentle on your skin. The natural cotton pads are hypoallergenic, easy to use and ideal for all your make up removal and skincare cleansing needs.

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Belinda Pearce on 29/11/2023

These are really super soft when I have to wipe my face at night with a cleanser they work very well and they’re not abrasive to the skin. I would recommend these if you use a cleanser on your face Customer services are always helpful and so polite and friendly…. When I first ordered from them online I did not think that the service would be like this. Thank you

Verified purchase 26/09/2022 |

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