Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes Pack of 20

Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes Pack of 20

Supranettes Sterile Eye Cleansing Wipes Pack of 20



Supranettes are a newly developed product for external eye hygiene for the whole family. These eye pads are individually packed sterile soft viscose pads moistened and soaked with plant extracts to provide soothing effects.

Supranettes are suitable for cleaning yours and your children’s eyelids and eyelashes on a daily basis.


  • For daily aseptic cleaning of eyelids and eyelashes
  • Ideal for babies’ eyes to remove debris caused by blocked tear ducts a common condition in babies.
  • For removing build up and debris on lids and lashes.
  • For soothing puffy eyes
  • Can also be used on the delicate skin of babies’ noses


Benefits of using Supranettes


  • Since Supranettes are made of soft viscose there is no hassle with left over fuzz from cotton pads
  • Witch hazel, one of the components in Supranettes has astringent and anti-oxidating properties, cools and dries.
  • Individually wrapped and sealed packages for one time use ensures hygienic use of the pads
  • Calendula soothes mucous membranes.
  • Supranettes cleans mucous and epithelial residues gently and thoroughly
  • Is gentle enough to be used on babies’s eyes
  • Helps to clean away any crusting of eyelids.


What is eye hygiene and why is it so important?

Every day we submit our eyes to a multitude of environmental factors. Eyes are in constant contact with air pollutants, bacteria, dry air, wind, cosmetics and many other factors. Eyelashes and eyelids give a certain amount of protection but it is often not sufficient for sensitive areas of the eye. Environmental factors can be the cause of lid infections, which in some cases may be the cause of secretions, flaking or crusting.

Eye Hygiene Methods

Normally, your eyes get cleaned sufficiently by simply washing your face. If you have a tendency to oily skin, dandruff and lid crusting it is recommended that you also carry out extensive lid hygiene on a daily basis to prevent infections of the lid. The eyelid has sebaceous glands, which can sometimes become blocked. This can cause unpleasant infections. To help prevent this - once a day gently massage the outside of the eyelids (eyes closed) with a hand towel (or cotton buds) soaked in warm water or a mild baby shampoo. By doing this you can control bacterial growth and massage the blocked lipids out of the glands. Equally important is the removal of all makeup and the cleansing of the eyes at the end of each day. Particles of makeup can otherwise get into your eyes during the night and cause irritation. When taking off your makeup always move the cotton pad inward toward your nose. If you rub in the other direction the lower lid can be pulled away slightly creating a pocket where debris can get in. Any types of hard and sharp particles can damage your cornea.

Besides cleaning your lids with cotton buds there are many other ways of keeping good eye hygiene:

Sterilised Eye Cleaning Pads

A relatively new product on the market - hygienic eyecare pads. Each pad is individually packed to ensure sterile, hygienic cleansing of the eye; ideal for babies, children and adults. These pads are also used for removing makeup and flaking skin. These moistened pads are soaked in plant extracts. These soothe and cleanse the eye, reducing puffiness, providing moisture and coolness for tired and strained eyes.

Cleaning Gels

For good eye hygiene cleaning gels specially developed for the eyes are available in tubes. Some of the gel is placed on a paper tissue to cleanse the eye. Always check the expiry dates on gels and never touch the tube opening with your fingers - bacteria can easily be transferred from the tip of the tube to your eye.

Eye Baths

Eye baths are available for maintaining eye hygiene. Eye bath solutions with a special “eye tub” are available at your local chemist. These baths rinse and relieve eye irritations and dryness caused by computer work, reading, television and the like. Eye baths can also benefit those prone to allergies by rinsing out dust and pollen. Eye baths are often used in first aid to treat the incursion of foreign bodies or similar injuries to the eye. Always consult an ophthalmologist immediately in the event of damage to the eye.

Use care with Homemade Products

It is very important to be careful when using homemade products for the eye such as camomile rinses. Camomile has the reputation of having soothing effects and this is very true. However, based on latest research studies, camomile tends to have a drying effect on the eyes. Camomile also often contains pollen, which can prove problematic for those with allergies. And if the homemade solution has been sitting a while it may become an ideal environment for bacterial growth. When it comes to eye hygiene it is best to stick to tested products recommended by your chemist or ophthalmologist.


Good eye hygiene practice also involves caring for the delicate skin around the eye. As we know this skin is very thin and not well padded making it susceptible to dryness and the development of fine lines. Many creams and gels recommended for sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers are available on the market. Take the time to try these out and to find out what products are best for you.


Rub Supranettes wipe several times over the eyelid and eyelashes to remove any debris.


Use a fresh wipe for each eye.

Do not reuse.


Aqua, disodium phosphate, propylene glycol, calendula officinalis, sodium methylparaben, aqua hamamelis virginiana, polysorbate 80, sodium propylparaben, citric acid, sodium hydroxide, hydrochloric acid.

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