Suresign Ovulation Test Pack of 5

Suresign Ovulation Test Pack of 5

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The Suresign Ovulation test detects the release of Luteinsing Hormone (LH) prior to ovulation and is a positive indication of the best time for conception. Older women can find it more difficult to conceive and this test helps to target the most fertile period. The test is a rapid, one-step lateral flow immunoassay and is conducted by urinating on the absorbent tip or immersing it in urine, and obtaining the result from the coloured lines.

  • Five tests provided to maximise the best period for conception
  • Full instructions included
  • Can be used both as midstream and dip test
  • Detects LH in urine at 35mIU/mL or higher
  • Individually wrapped tests to prolong shelf-life and allow the customer flexibility of use
  • Tested to the highest standard; 99% Accurate
  • Results in 10 minutes
  • Fully CE marked and manufactured under international ISO13485 Quality Management Standards
  • High quality tests with competitive pricing
  • Responsive Customer Care Line

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