Tepe Angle Interdental Brushes Yellow 0.7mm Pack of 6

Tepe Angle Interdental Brushes Yellow 0.7mm Pack of 6

Tepe Angle Interdental Brushes Yellow 0.7mm Pack of 6

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Brand: Tepe
Code: 3803947
Weight: 18g (includes packaging)


TePe Angle is an interdental brush designed for excellent access to all interdental spaces. It has an angled brush head and a longer handle.

TePe Angle is an interdental brush designed for controlled and convenient interdental cleaning. The angled brush head makes it easier to reach, especially between the back teeth and from the inside. The long, flat handle offers a stable, ergonomic grip.

For optimal cleaning, it is important to choose an interdental brush of the right size. Very often more than one brush size is needed. Your dental professional can help to select the correct brush size/sizes for you.

Use your interdental brush once a day, preferably in the evening. Move the brush back and forth a few times in each interdental space. Look in the mirror for easier use. Change brush when the filaments are becoming worn.


Instructions for use: For the front of the mouth, insert the brush into the space between the teeth at gum level by turning slightly. This technique aids access and reduces stress on the wire, thereby lengthening the life of the brush. Once inserted, gently move the brush backwards and forwards a few times tto remove plaque and debris. For the back of the mouth, access may be improved by first shaping the brush head into a slight curve (see picture). Do not bend. Always rinse the brush in water after use. Never force the brush into a space. Use daily. We recommend you change the brush every week, or when the bristles become worn. 


Please note: The metal wire is plastic coated for use around metal fillings and to avoid damage to dental implants. Undue force and continuous bending of the wire at severe angles will lead to fracture of the wire and can cause injury. Consult your dental professional for correct use. Handle and packet are made of environmentally- friendly materials. Keep out of the reach of children. 


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