NHS App Login

How to Use your NHS Login With our App

From 1st January Doncaster CCG has asked GP’s and Pharmacies to change the way prescriptions can be ordered. 

This means you won’t be able to order your prescription by phoning your pharmacy.

You can use the Weldricks App to order your prescription, however, you must do so with your NHS Login.

If you don’t use your NHS Login your prescription request may not be processed by your GP.

I’ve Got an NHS Login!

  • Tap the blue "Continue with NHS login" button on the home screen

Continue with NHS login

  • If you are logged in on the app tap the "NHS login" button and it will take you to the NHS Login screen
  • NHS login
  • You can also access this button by tapping profile, then tapping your surgery and then tap “Continue with NHS Login” button
  • Enter your NHS Login email and password when prompted

I’m Not Sure if I Have an NHS Login!

Tap the button above on the home screen, then enter your email - the system will tell you whether you have an NHS Login set up or not using that email.

I Need to Set Up an NHS Login!

  • Tap the button above in the app
  • Enter your email address
  • You will be prompted “Set up a new NHS Login”, tap continue.
  • You will be taken through a series of steps to set up your new NHS Login.

These steps are detailed in the video below:


You will need the following information to hand to set up your NHS Login:

You will need to verify your identity – this is easy to do and only take a few minutes – when prompted during the NHS Login set up, you will need to:

  1. Take a picture of a piece of photo ID (e.g. driving license or passport) using your smartphone or tablet.
  2. Do a brief video to your phone/tablet so it can verify your face against your ID.

Putting your information in to set your NHS Login takes about ten minutes, then it will need to be approved by the NHS which can take a couple of hours. This is to ensure you have secure access to your health information and medication record.

If you don’t have photo ID you can find out what to do here: https://help.login.nhs.uk/provewhoyouare/withoutid/

Why Use Weldricks App

Weldricks app gives you great benefits above other ways of ordering including:

  • We’ll tell you when your prescription is ready to collect from the Pharmacy
  • Secure messaging directly with your pharmacy
  • Reminders
  • Pharmacy service bookings