Allevia Antihistamine Tablets

Quick, 24-hour relief from all the main hayfever symptoms.

Allevia offers non-drowsy antihistamine tablets allowing those that suffer from hayfever to live their life as normal without hayfever holding them back. The products relieve the key symptoms associated with hayfever including itchy noses and throats, itchy, watery and red eyes, runny noses and sneezing. 

The Allevia range contains the active substance fexofenadine hydrochloride which helps to relieve symptoms without causing drowsiness making it preferable for daily use by adults and adolescents over 12 years of age. What’s more, Allevia tablets start working within just one hour and can relieve symptoms for up to 24 hours so you can go about your day as normal without hayfever getting in the way. 

Allevia tablets are prescription-strength, yet are more recently available over the counter at your local pharmacy, so you can benefit from fexofenadine as an ingredient without having to obtain a prescription from your doctor.

Weldricks Pharmacy stocks various amounts of Allevia tablets, you can browse our selection below. Always read instruction leaflets and dosage instructions carefully before use.