Durex Contraceptive Products

Durex are a manufacturer of condoms, contraceptive products, lubricants and accessories. They are one of the best recognised contraceptive brands used around the world for safe sex and enhanced sexual experience.

Durex offer several different types of condom which all boast different properties, offering a range of different thicknesses and textures. Each condom type is either designed to maximise safety or pleasure, depending on the application you and your partner require.

The lubricants also offer similar pleasure enhancing properties, which can be used to aid the use of condoms. They also provide a range of sensual massage gels to further enhance the sexual experience.

Whether it be the Durex Thin Feel Condoms, Durex Pleasure Me Condoms, Durex Extra Safe Condoms, or Durex Lubricants - discover our range of products at affordable prices.