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Same day medical letters &
certificates from £39

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Do you require a medical letter or certificate?

With our brand-new Medical letter service, we can offer a quick and simple solution, which avoids a visit to your GP. Just upload your medical evidence for a GP to review and once approved you'll receive your verified medical letter and health status all in one day.

Our new partnership with ZoomDoc health enables us to bring this great service to our customers.

Founded in 2017, ZoomDoc Health is a GP led, GP built, GP serviced medical letter provider.

Their primary focus is to make health care more assessable and by partnering with an CQC regulated service they offer even more choice and a level of convenience to patients requiring a medical letter for a wide range of health-related occurrences.

How it works

Choose the service you need

Select which letter, certificate, or referral you require.

Provide your information

Answer the GP's questions online and upload relevant evidence (we'll let you know what's needed).

GP review

A ZoomDoc GP will assess the information you've provided and contact you if they have any further questions.

Receive your document*

Receive your letter, certificate, or referral via email and text that same day if submitted before 9pm*.

*Subject to GP review and approval

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Find by category

Doctor and patient

General referrals

Same-day medical certificates and referral letters. General medical letters to access private specialist care.

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Recovery certificates

Same-day recovery certificates, required by both employers, education and the travel sector to confirm you are fit and well.

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Sickness letters

Same-day medical sickness certificates, for work, college or university - required to confirm sickness or a health condition and its impact on your work or studies.

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Family in airport going on holiday

Fit to Fly Certificates

Same-day travel and holiday certificates, required to confirm sickness or a health condition and its impact on your travel plans.

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"The future of healthcare is online, and great care is now accessible to all through the power of technology and innovation. We have created a seamless and personalised experience for patients, enabling them to access care anytime, anywhere."

Dr Kenny Livingstone, CEO ZoomDoc Health