A Guide to Constipation Treatment and Relief

A Guide to Constipation Treatment and Relief

Published: 21st December, 2016 in: Conditions Health Advice

If you are suffering from constipation, we have a number of products designed to help you improve your digestive health. If you want quick constipation relief, here is a run down of our top treatments that will alleviate any discomfort quickly and easily. Constipation can be painful and inconvenient, leaving you feeling sluggish and lethargic. Whether you are not getting enough fibre in your diet or you have recently changed your routine, these products will get you back on track.


Laxido sachets

When it comes to constipation, Laxido sachets are powerful and fast acting. Available in packs of 20 and 30, these sachets are perfect for on the go relief. This product is a laxative and is designed to be dissolved in water. It works by increasing the water volume of the stool, thereby offering relief for constipation.


Lactulose solution

For a rapid constipation cure, Lactulose solution is a superb option. A great alternative to sachets, just three spoonfuls of Lactulose solution per day can act as a cure for constipation. This constipation relief product is suitable for people of all ages, and works by softening the stools and promoting bowel movements.



Movicol is a popular constipation treatment that comes in both sachet and liquid form. It provides relief from hard, compacted stools that are difficult and painful to pass. You can take your pick from unflavoured sachets, chocolate flavoured sachets and orange flavoured sachets.

If you are looking for a cure for constipation, we have a wide range of products for your perusal. Constipation is a common issue that affects everyone from time to time, but you can get speedy relief by investing in the right constipation cure for you. With so many types of constipation relief on offer, you are sure to find a solution that meets your requirements.