The Advantages of Hand Sanitiser

The Advantages of Hand Sanitiser

Published: 1st February, 2022 in: Health Advice

Hand sanitiser has become a prominent part of everyday life. However, it has always been important to use hand hygiene products. Hand hygiene products should be a part of our day-to-day routine to help protect ourselves, and others, from germs and bacteria. 

Hand sanitisers come in various forms, each with its benefits and properties to suit different skin types. Weldricks Pharmacy has put together a list of the benefits of using hand sanitiser regularly, along with key information on how it works to kill germs, which is the best type of product and how often we should be using it for it to be effective. 

Advantages of using hand sanitiser

Hand Sanitiser is highly effective

Most hand sanitisers sold commercially are 99.9% effective at killing germs which is far more than using soap and water, particularly because many people aren’t educated on or efficient enough at carrying out the thorough hand washing process. The range of hand sanitiser in different forms, such as foams, sprays, gels or mists, ensures that there is complete coverage of the product and that it reaches all the places you might miss when washing your hands with soap, while also using less product. 

Easy to use correctly

Similarly, hand sanitiser is generally easier to use for it to have the desired effect. Although handwashing with soap and water is necessary alongside the use of sanitiser, many people don’t wash their hands with soap using the correct method or for long enough for the soap to take effect and kill germs. By using sanitiser for yourself and your loved ones, you can make sure your hands are germ-free.  

Accessible on the go

Unlike when using soap and water for handwashing where you’ll need to be near a sink or bathroom to do so, you can carry hand sanitiser, such as antibacterial gels and travel hand sanitiser bottle, with you everywhere you go as they are completely portable and usually in small packaging to keep in your bag, car, or pockets. Because of this, you can use it wherever you are, whether you’re on public transport or in a public space to eliminate germs both before and after entering. 

Hand Sanitiser for different skin types

There are now many types of hand sanitisers available to the public, so you can find a product that works for you and your skin type. Those with sensitive skin that needs a sanitiser or antibacterial gel that is more gentle on the skin with minimal ingredients and no-fragrance like Steril-eeze’s ‘Kind to Hands’ sanitiser, can still use the product regularly without the worry of this causing irritation. You can also purchase a hand sanitiser that is alcohol-free and completely safe for children, to ensure the whole family is protected from germs throughout the day.

Decreases risk of illness

Due to the portability of hand sanitiser and the various types you can buy to suit your lifestyle, you can hugely decrease your risk of becoming infected and ill. By eliminating and removing germs from your hands throughout the day in between handwashing with soap and water, you can protect yourself from becoming infected from any nasty germs picked up as you go about your daily routine. 

How does hand sanitiser work?

Hand sanitiser often contains alcohol or a similar antibacterial ingredient, known as benzalkonium chloride, that, when spread on the surface of the skin on your hands, works fast to destroy any germs it comes into contact with. The alcohol or alternative active ingredient works by splitting cells and killing pathogens. 

For a hand sanitiser to do its job effectively, you should apply enough that your hands and nail beds are all wet and thoroughly covered. A good way to check you have used enough product is to count how long it takes the sanitiser to be completely absorbed; if it takes less than 15 seconds, you have not used enough product. 

What’s the best hand sanitiser to use?

The best hand sanitiser for you will depend on various factors including:

  • Age. If you are buying sanitiser for a child, for example, you are recommended to purchase sanitiser designed for use by children with no alcohol contained. 
  • Skin type. If your skin is sensitive and prone to irritation, you can opt for a sanitiser with lower levels of alcohol or those that offer moisturising properties to ensure you are adding moisture to your skin while also killing germs. 
  • Lifestyle or career. If you work in a career or have a lifestyle that encourages you to maintain a high level of hygiene and use sanitiser regularly, it is advised to use products with a higher alcohol content as these have been found to kill a higher volume and wider variety of bacteria. On the other hand, if your lifestyle doesn't require highly regular use of hand sanitiser and you struggle with skin irritation or dryness, you can opt for a sanitiser with no alcohol or a lower level. 
  • Personal preference. Due to the wide variety of anti-bacterial gels, creams, sprays, and mists on the market, you can find the hand sanitiser that works for your skin and your lifestyle. 

How long does hand sanitiser last on your hands?

Hand sanitisers, although they destroy existing germs on your skin, do not protect your hands from germs long term. The product will only last on your hands for a matter of minutes, which is why it's important to use them in combination with regular soap and water handwashing and to use it regularly throughout the day before and after you enter a property or social situation. 

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