Published: 6th April, 2017 in: Conditions

Enterosgel is proven to aid a range of gut conditions including IBS, diarrhoea and allergies. The formula is designed improve gut health by ridding the body of toxins resulting in positive effects on the intestinal flora. Whether you or your children are suffering from gut problems or allergies, Enterosgel could provide quick relief.

How Does Enterosgel Work?

If you have picked up a virus from contaminated food resulting in diarrhoea or have problems with irritable bowel syndrome, the intestines can become inflamed. This can in turn result in abdominal pain and cause discomfort. This is where Enterosgel comes in. This formula targets the harmful bacteria in your gut and removes it from the body. It does this gently while preserving water, vitamins and good bacteria.


Enterosgel can be used to detoxify the body which can help you to recover quicker when experiencing diarrhoea.


If you need fast relief from IBS symptoms, Enterosgel can normalise stool frequency and provide relief from constipation, one of the issues associated with irritable bowel symptom. The Microflora is paramount when it comes to gut health and Enterosgel helps to regulate and protect it.


If you suffer from allergies associated with gastrointestinal issues, then Enterosgel can be beneficial to you. It absorbs allergens and protects the intestinal mucous membrane.

Which Enterosgel product is best for me?

Weldricks stock a range of Enterosgel products to provide you with relief from your symptoms. We stock the formula in a tube that comes in both 90g and 225g sizes. Simply dilute it with water and the toxins will be eliminated from the body within 12 to 24 hours. We also stock Enterosgel in handy sachets.

If you are experiencing intestinal discomfort, Enterosgel can help you to improve your overall gut health and reduce symptoms from diarrhoea, IBS and allergies with its detoxing properties.

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