How to Tackle a Sore Throat: Different Lozenges Brands in the UK

How to Tackle a Sore Throat: Different Lozenges Brands in the UK

Published: 26th February, 2019 in: Cough, Cold and Flu

Let’s face it - nobody likes suffering with a sore throat. Whether you’re trying to cope with the type of sore throat that gives you a sharp pain, a dull ache, a loss of your voice or a tickly cough, it can be difficult to figure out how to get to the bottom of it.

Of course, keeping your fluids up and drinking warm drinks like honey and lemon can help to soothe your throat, but there’s nothing quite like a lozenge to help to alleviate your painful symptoms and to make your sore throat feel a little better.

There’s a wide selection of lozenges brands in the UK with a host of different products readily available to purchase online. Here’s a run through of some different lozenges brands in the UK, and a closer look at some of their products.


Strepsils are one of the most prominent lozenges brands around, with a huge selection of lozenges available on the market. They have created a number of different lozenges products which specialise in helping the different types of sore throat or tackling different symptoms. You can pick up lozenges for a sore throat and blocked nose, solely for sore throat pain relief, for children, and lozenges with vitamin C too. Available in a variety of flavours from strawberry to honey and lemon, menthol, cherry and more, you can grab a flavour which suits you.

Here are the sore throat and cough lozenges:


Chloralieve lozenges contain two types of antiseptics and Lidocaine Hydrochloride, a local anaesthetic for the throat that provides targeted relief for the symptoms of a sore throat. Chloralieve lozenges are suitable for sore throat relief in adults and children over the age of 12 years old. 

Weldricks Pharmacy stock both honey and lemon and mint flavour lozenges, you can browse the products below:


Halls is another brand of lozenges that is incredibly popular in the UK market, not least for its variety of flavours and ready availability in most convenience stores and supermarkets. They’re great for soothing a sore throat and are available from Weldricks Pharmacy in an original sugar-free flavour, or alternatively, a cherry flavour, browse their products below:


Covonia is a particularly great lozenge brand if you’re looking for a great option not only to help you with a sore throat but also to help clear congestion at the same time. It has a distinctive warming flavour and helps to clear your airways, soothing your mouth and throat. The double action lozenges come in a standard variation, a 30g variation, or a sugar-free variation too:


Lockets are the perfect lozenge choice for you if you have a mild sore throat and are looking for lozenges to help to soothe this ailment. They are created with a real honey centre and contain vitamin C, packaged into lozenges with a delicious honey and lemon flavour, tasting great while working hard to relieve your sore throat at the same time.


MAC is a range of throat lozenges that are designed to tackle your sore throat. There are two different variants, the standard MAC lozenges with a honey and lemon flavouring, or the Dual Action kind pictured below which are both antiseptic and local anaesthetic, finished with a blackcurrant flavouring. Weldricks Pharmacy no longer stocks MAC lozenges however you can purchase them from a variety of other local supermarkets or pharmacies.

MAC Lozenges


Dequadin has lozenges for sore throats and mouth infections. As well as effectively helping you to treat a sore throat, Dequadin can also be used for infections such as thrush, glossitis, stomatitis and pharyngitis too. Weldricks Pharmacy no longer stock Dequadin lozenges however you can purchase them from a variety of other local supermarkets or pharmacies.


Difflam is another of the lozenges brands available in the UK, offering a selection of products that are designed to relieve pain and irritation of the mouth and throat. The range contains 20 lozenges per packet, and can be bought in a eucalyptus flavour, orange-honey flavour:


Tyrozets are small but mighty and certainly pack a punch in the lozenges world. Designed with a dual action, they contain an anaesthetic which will numb pain in your throat, while the antibiotic ingredient will help you to stave off a throat infection. The lozenges dissolve in your mouth and gradually release their active ingredients to help you feel better.

Unfortunately, Tyrozets are no longer available on the market due to them containing antibiotics however as you can see there is a range of other just as effective throat lozenges on the market for you to shop.

​Purchase throat lozenges and medication with Weldricks Pharmacy

Evidently, there are a number of different high-quality lozenges brands available in the UK market, each with a range of products that will soothe your sore throat regardless of what your focus may be - simply to soothe, to help your pain, to get rid of irritation or to clear mouth infections.

Whatever the root of your sore throat problem may be, be sure to check out the range of different throat lozenges and sweets available online with Weldricks Pharmacy. We also offer a variety of sore throat relief liquids and sprays and rinses to help you soothe your throat and relieve symptoms.