Oral Care

Oral Care

Published: 18th February, 2014 in: Health Advice

It is often underestimated how important oral hygiene is, with 25% of adults not brushing their teeth twice a day*. Weldricks Pharmacy offers a wide range of products at affordable prices to help you with the keep your smile in tip top condition, so there’s really no excuse for hiding your smile. Have a look at our top tips for oral hygiene, and take pride in your smile.

Top tips for oral hygiene

  • Brushing your teeth: In order to maintain healthy oral hygiene, regular brushing twice a day with a fluoride containing toothpaste is really important. This will help to remove plaque, which if not removed can irritate the gums and start gingivitis (gum disease). Don’t press too hard when you brush, gentler strokes for two to three minutes twice a day will work much better. This can seem like forever, but a good way to timing this is to listen to a song on the radio and this will be about the right amount of time. 
  • Flossing: Flossing between teeth every day is also important. Don’t worry if this makes your gums bleed initially, as the inner edges of your teeth will be cleaner from regular flossing, your gums will be less irritated by the plaque and will stop bleeding. 
  • Avoiding dry mouth: Saliva provides an essential defence against tooth decay and periodontal disease. Where there is insufficient saliva serious dental health problems can arise. If you suffer with dry mouth, why not try Biotene Oral Balance Saliva Replacement Gel.
  • Mouthwash: A mouthwash can help to complete your oral hygiene routine. Not all mouthwashes are the same; some are used to treat bad breath, some are good for sore gums, others for mouth ulcers or sore throats, so ask your Pharmacist about what mouthwash is best suited to help maintain healthy teeth and gums. Using mouthwash reaches areas not always touched by brushing alone. Rinsing twice a day, after brushing your teeth will give you the best results.
  • New toothbrush: For the healthiest results your toothbrush or toothbrush accessory should be replaced approximately every three months. If you do not then bacteria will collect on the bristles and you will transfer them back into your mouth. The bristles will also become softer and less effective. If your toothbrush is becoming soft before two months you’re probably brushing too harshly.
  • Clean your tongue: You should ensure that you use a tongue scraper once every day. Bacteria and plaque can build up on the tongue and this can result in bad breath. Using a tongue scraper instead of using your toothbrush is more effective. Why not have a look at the Wisdom Fresh Effect Antibacterial Tongue Cleaner.

*source – http://www.nationalsmilemonth.org/page/facts-and-figures