Sun Care - Best Sun Cream

Sun Care - Best Sun Cream

Published: 11th April, 2017 in: Sun Care

With the Easter holidays looming, stocking up on sun cream should be at the top of your list. No doubt you are on the lookout for the best sun cream to protect your skin, so here is our round up of sun care products depending on what you're looking for.

Milk, Mist, Lotion or Oil

When choosing a sun cream, the first step is to decide on the perfect formula for you and your family. Sun creams are available in a lotion, spray mist, milk or an oil, and while all formulas offer sufficient protection, you may have a personal preference.

Riemann P20 for Longevity

Riemann P20 boasts an incredible 10 hours of sun protection from one application. When re-applying sun cream every few hours isn’t possible, this brand has got you covered. Great for sporting activities or all day boat trips, Riemann P20 is available in a range of factors to suit your individual sun protection needs.

Garnier and Nivea for Anti-Aging Sun Care

Both Garnier and Nivea are known for their beauty expertise, so it’s no surprise that while offering substantial protection from the sun, their sun creams also have anti-aging properties. They both contain the active ingredient Vitamin E to increase your skin’s moisture levels to prolong your natural tan.

Piz Buin for Allergy Sufferers

Piz Buin has created a sun cream specifically for people who suffer from sun-related allergies. Ideal for sensitive skin, the Piz Buin Allergy lotion is designed to minimise allergic reactions and will keep you protected and moisturised.

Malibu for Easy Application

If you are looking for the best sun cream and oils for easy application, Malibu has a number of products that fit the bill. Their dry oil spray offers protection in an easy to apply spray formula that is non-greasy.