What is Lactulose Solution?

What is Lactulose Solution?

Published: 23rd November, 2017 in: Conditions

Lactulose Solution is a liquid laxative designed to aid constipation. Constipation can be embarrassing, painful and inconvenient, but there are products that you can take to regulate your bowel movements. If you want a gentle, predictable bowel movement, Lactulose Solution can provide effective relief from constipation.

What Can it be Used for?

Lactose Solution is a popular remedy that is used to treat acute and chronic constipation symptoms. It is suitable for people of all ages including pregnant women, nursing women, elderly people and children.

How Does it Work?

So how does Lactulose Solution combat constipation? Constipation can affect people of all ages and Lactulose Solution can be used by both children and adults. This laxative absorbs water into the stools for quick relief. Constipation is a result of the build up of faeces in the bowel and this formula can soften the stools and encourage them to pass through the body.

How Long Does it Take Lactulose Solution to Work?

Lactulose Solution provides effective relief from constipation but it can take up to 48 hours to take effect. You should take three 5ml spoonfuls daily water for fast constipation relief. Spread out over the course of the day, the Lactulose solution will produce regular soft stools.

Key Ingredients

The key ingredients of Lactulose Solution are 3.35g of lactulose, lactose and galactose.

Where to Buy Lactulose Solution

If you are looking for relief from constipation, we have a wide range of laxative products to choose from including Lactulose Solution.

Constipation is a common issue that affects people of all ages from time to time but you can get quick relief by investing in a suitable constipation cure for you. With so many constipation relief aids available, you are sure to find a solution that meets your requirements.