Anhydrol Forte Roll On 60ml

Anhydrol Forte Roll On 60ml

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Anhydrol Forte Roll On is a clear, colourless liquid that contains no fragrance. The active ingredient, Aluminium chloride works by blocking the sweat glands. This causes the pressure of fluid within the sweat glands to rise to the point where it shuts off sweat production.

The antiperspirant is applied before going to bed at night and should be washed off in the morning. It should not be re-applied during the day. Over time, sweating will stop during the day and the number of times you apply the antiperspirant at night can be reduced.

This medicine should only be used on small areas of skin, i.e, the armpits, hands or feet to ensure that no detrimental effects occur from widespread blocking of pores and obstruction of sweating.


Make sure that areas of skin to be treated are completely dry.

Adults, elderly and children:

Apply Anhydrol Forte when necessary at night and allow to dry.

Anhydrol Forte should be applied at night, just before going to bed, and washed off thoroughly in the morning.

Wash hands immediately and thoroughly after use (unless treating them), and after any inadvertent contact with Anhydrol Forte.

Anhydrol Forte should normally be used for two nights in succession, followed by a period of two nights with no application.

Alternating two-nightly treatments should be used to assess your own individual response. It may be necessary to increase or decrease usage to control your condition.


Do not bathe or shower immediately before applying Anhydrol Forte.

Do not shave the armpits or use a hair-removing preparation within 12 hours before or after using Anhydrol Forte.

Do not attempt to remove the roller-ball head, as this may cause spillage of the contents which may damage eyes or irritate skin.

Do not get Anhydrol Forte on your clothes, linen, fabric, jewellery, metal or polished surfaces as it may damage them.

If Anhydrol Forte is accidentally swallowed, or gets into the eyes, contact a doctor or hospital straight away. 

Anhydrol Forte is for external use only and is for use on small areas. Only apply it to the armpits, hands or feet.


Aluminium chloride hexahydrate 20 %w/v.

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