Avoca Caustic Pencil 40%

Avoca Caustic Pencil 40%


This product is limited to 6 per order.

This product is typically dispatched within 3-5 working days from date of order and is not suitable for our next day delivery service.


Avoca Silver Nitrate Caustic Pencils are designed for multiple use for a single patient.

An Avoca Pencil contains approximately 350mg of silver nitrate & potassium nitrate mixture.

This is about 10 times more silver nitrate than an applicator.

This red carton and red plastic holder signals a 40% silver nitrate mixture. 

From the date of manufacture, all Avoca Pencils have a 5-year shelf life.


There is no defined maximum recommended dose since the circumstances of individual cases vary considerably but undesirable effects generally only result when the substance is applied chronically in much larger quantities than available from a pencil or applicator. 


Since the tips of applicators and pencils are small and standardised, there is less of a risk of excess being applied accidentally. Silver nitrate is a hazard due to its causticity, and is toxic when taken by mouth. However, absorption of silver nitrate through intact skin is negligible. Due to its chemical reactivity and the fact that it is metabolically highly refractory, there is a low risk of systemic toxicity if applied externally.

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