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Care Friars Balsam 50ml

Care Friars Balsam 50ml

Care Friars Balsam 50ml

£2.19 Save: £1.36 RRP: £3.55

Brand: Care
Code: 1031020
Weight: 70g (includes packaging)


Care Friars’ Balsam is an inhalant for the relief of the symptoms of colds, it contains benzoin which acts as a decongestant for the relief of cold symptoms and also has antiseptic properties.



Adults, children over 3 months of age and the elderly:

Add one 5ml spoonful to a pint of hot, but not boiling water.

The dose may be repeated after 4 hours if required.

The product is suitable for use under this clinical indication by adults, children over 3 months and the elderly.

Not suitable for children under 3 months of age.



Not suitable for children under 3 months when used as an inhalant.

For external use only.

Keep all medicines away from children.

Caution: Highly flammable. Keep away from a naked flame.



Prepared storax 10% w/v, benzoin sumatra 10% w/v, aloes, ethanol and purified water. 

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