Care Potassium Citrate Mixture 200ml

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Brand: Care
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Weight: 400g (includes packaging)


Potassium Citrate is taken by mouth to treat Cystitis in women only.

Cystitis is caused by bacteria entering the urethra where it multiplies and travels upto the bladder. The excessive amount of bacteria in the bladder causes urine to become more caidic which irritates the bladder lining resulting in more frequent urination and a burning sensation upon urination.

Potassium citrate is absorbed quickly by the body where it becomes neutralised to form a carbonate that further neutralises the excessive acid in the urine, reducing irritation and resulting in a less frequent and less painful urination.

It is recommended that if you have Cystitis you consume at least 2 litres of water a day and it is suggested than you drink Cranberry juice or take a Cranberry derived suppliment after treatment to prevent re-infection. If the infection does not start to clear up after 3 or 4 days of treatment yuou should consult your Doctor about another course of treatment.


One or two 5ml spoonfuls to be taken three times a day.


You should carefully read all product packaging and labels prior to use


Potassium citrate BP 1.5g citric acid monohydrate (E330), quillaia tincture, lemon oil terpeneless, ethanol, choloform, purified water, syrup (includes sucrose). Sucrose: 1.10g/5ml, alcohol 0.9 vol%.

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