Clearzal Bac Nail Solution 30ml

Clearzal Bac Nail Solution 30ml

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Brand: Clearzal
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ClearZal BAC System removes the damaged tissues and then penetrates the infected site with the strong broad spectrum, germ killing, and power of the solution.  This enhanced system not only effectively kills the germs, but contains Aloe which helps leave nails and skin healthier. You are more likely to get toenail fungal infections if:

  • You already have untreated athlete's foot
  • Your shoes fit too tightly
  • You don't change your shoes often enough
  • The toenail or fingernail has been injured
  • You have diabetes, or other long-term conditions that affect your immune system

Some people have chronic disorders that make them more susceptible to nail fungus. People with diabetes, circulatory problems, and immunological deficiencies are at increased risk. Moreover, nail fungus appears to be more prevalent in those with a history of athlete's foot (a fungal infection of the skin) and people whose feet perspire a lot.    

How it works: 

ClearZal BAC is a cost-effective topical solution for the treatment of infected areas.  The active ingredient in ClearZal BAC, has long been used as a broad-spectrum germ-killing agent to kill fungus, and bacteria. As such, it kills more microbes than just an antifungal agent alone.  This is the key to Healthy Looking Nails - A solution that treats the entire Infection of the Nail - other nail solutions only treat the Fungus!

The ClearZal BAC formula includes Aloe as a healing soothing agent for the skin area around the nail. ClearZal BAC acts promptly to target and kill fungus and bacteria allowing for the natural re-growth of a healthy looking nail.

Quick Tips:

Nail Care

Since many nail disorders result from poor nail care, developing good nail habits early will help keep them healthy. Remember the following tips:

  • Keep nails clean and dry. This helps keep bacteria and other infectious organisms from collecting under the nail.
  • Nails should be cut straight across and rounded slightly at the tip for maximum strength. Use sharp nail scissors or clippers to do the job.
  • Do not remove your cuticle. It will allow infection to develop.
  • Use a clean nail file to keep nails shaped and free of snags.
  • Avoid biting fingernails.
  • Avoid "digging-out" ingrown toenails, especially if they are already infected and sore. Seek treatment from a medical professional.

Good Foot Care Habits:

  • Look at your feet daily.
  • Wash you feet with soap and warm water.
  • Keep nails at a healthy length and not too short. Cutting too short may lead to ingrown toenails.
  • Apply cream or other conditioning agent to maintain healthy skin.
  • Rotate shoes daily.
  • Wear smooth fitting socks; avoid socks with seams that may create a ridge in your shoe.
  • Wear comfortable, well-fitted shoes, which do not cause pressure in any one spot.
  • Keep active. Walking is great exercise for your feet, and will help improve circulation.

Cleanse the affected area(s) and thoroughly dry between all toes and fingers. (Use clean sponge, pad or cloth when cleansing). Debride (Medical Term: trimming and filing the nail to remove infected tissue) the nail using one or both procedures:

File the damaged tissues with nail file in System.  If Multiple nails are infected: Removal of this damage tissue will speed the therapy by allowing for more complete penetration of ClearZal BAC to the affected area.  This process may need to be performed by a physician in some individuals.

Trim your toenails straight across so that the nail does not extend beyond the tip of the finger or toe. Do not trim your nails too closely as this will cause additional complications. This process may need to be performed by a physician in some individuals.

Apply solution twice daily (before you put on shoes and when you take them off) over all infected areas including around the nail, under the free edge (tip) and over the cuticle.Apply to adjacent toes or fingers to prevent the spreading of the infection. Then, allow for a minute of two before you resume other activities or put on socks or shoes, if on toes. This product will not stain.

Always use an antiseptic solution to sanitize the file or nail clipper after using on an infected nail. The infection can spread by using an instrument that has not been Sanitized. Solutions such as Alcohol, perioxide will sanitize the nail file instrument - if none is available use an extra amount of ClearZal BAC to ensure that the microbes are killed.


This medicine is for external use only.

Avoid contact with eyes, ears and mucous membranes.

You must use the solution regularly and continue the treatment without interruption until the infected section of nail has completely grown out; otherwise the infection will just come back.

Always disinfect the nail file or nail clipper used to file or cut the infected nails after us, to prevent spreading microbes from nail to nail. You can use ClearZal BAC for this purpose.

If you get a rash or skin irritation during treatment you should stop using this medicine and consult your doctor.


Benzalkonium chloride is a broad spectrum antibiotic which kills 99.9% of the microbes which can cause nail infections. It also contains Aloe for its healing and soothing properties. Purified water (aqua), cocamidopropyl betaine, cocamidopropylamine oxide, hypromellose, cetrimonium chloride, organic aloe vera, didecyldimonium chloride, diazolidinyl urea, quatemum-15, methyiparaben, propylparaben, triethanolamine, citric acid.


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