Cosmopor Absorbent Adhesive Dressing 7.2cm x 5cm

Cosmopor Absorbent Adhesive Dressing 7.2cm x 5cm


Brand: Cosmopor
Code: 3740115
Weight: 3g (includes packaging)


Cosmopor sterile dressing is for use on post operative wounds and/or minor injuries. The viscose core provides high absorbency and the cushioning polyethylene net contact layer prevents adherence of the dressing to the wound.

Hypoallergenic fibres, permeable to air and water prevents irritation of surrounding skin enabling the natural functions of the skin to continue.

  • Hypoallergenic fibres prevent irritation to surrounding skin.
  • Highly absorbent pad provides cushioning as well as absorbing fluid.
  • Strong adhesive, so it stays in place
  • Soft to the touch for a comfortable feel.
  • Easy application.


Use as directed.


Use as directed.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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