Cuplex Corn Plasters Pack of 6

Cuplex Corn Plasters Pack of 6

Cuplex Corn Plasters Pack of 6

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Brand: Cuplex
Code: 3870029
Weight: 10g (includes packaging)


Cuplex Corn Plasters are specially formulated with hydrogel technology to cushion corns by helping to relieve friction and pressure. The plaster will hydrate the affected area to soften the corn and aid its gentle removal.

  • Instant pain relief.
  • Moisturises and softens corns.
  • Waterproof.



  • Clean and dry skin before use, ensuring the corn area is free of creams and oils.
  • Remove the white tab featuring number 1, avoid touching the underside of the plaster.
  • Apply the plaster over the corn while gently removing the second white tab.
  • Firmly smooth the plaster down at the edges, to ensure a good skin adhesion across the plaster.
  • Once in place, remove the two clear tabs featuring number 2.


Replaced the plaster after 5 days, or earlier in the following circumstances:

  • If it dries completely and becomes stiff.
  • If it starts to become unstuck.
  • If it becomes dirty.
  • If there is excessive discomfort or there are signs of infection.



Single use only. Do not use after expiry date. For short term use only. Do not continue regime for more than 30 days. Discontinue use if excessive discomfort or irritation develops.

Cuplex Corn Plasters are not indicated for full-thickness wounds, heavily bleeding wounds, third degree burns, or as a covering for deep wounds.

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