Cuplex Gel 5g

Cuplex Gel 5g

Cuplex Gel 5g

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Brand: Cuplex
Code: 0352807
Weight: 15g (includes packaging)


For the topical treatment of warts, verrucae, corns and callouses.

  • Once daily application.
  • Dries to form a water resistant film.
  • Clinically proven.
  • No plasters required.


Adults, elderly and children over 2 years (adult supervision required with children aged 2 to 12 years):

Apply to affected areas only. Soak the callus, corn, verruca or wart for 2 - 3 minutes in warm water. Dry thoroughly.
Carefully apply sufficient gel (1 to 2 drops) to cover the callus, corn, verruca or wart once every night and allow to dry.

Care should be taken to minimise spreading on to the surrounding skin as Cuplex Gel may cause irritation.

Discontinue use if excessive irritation or other unwanted effects occur on or around treaded area.


Caution: Not recommended for use in children under 2 years. Do not use on facial or anogenital warts. Avoid contact with eyes. Take care not to apply to healthy skin.


Clear, brownish-yellow, viscous gel containing salicylic acid 11% and lactic acid 4% in collodion base.

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