Cura-heat Period Pack of 3

Cura-heat Period Pack of 3

Cura-heat Period Pack of 3

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Brand: Cura-heat
Code: 3130333
Weight: 175g (includes packaging)



  • Continuous Warming Relief.
  • Non-Medicinal and Ready to Use.
  • Air-Activated Heat Pack for Targeted Relief.

Cura-Heat Period Pain provides targeted, temporary 12 hour warming relief from the aches, discomfort and cramps associated with period pain. Just open the sachet and apply to the underwear / clothing where the heat radiates through to the source of pain - increasing circulation, decreasing stiffness and relaxing sore muscles. Fragrance free, non-medicinal and with a thin discreet design, they are ideal to use anywhere.



  • Open the sachet by hand (do not cut) and remove the Cura-Heat heat pack
  • Peel away the paper strip
  • Adhere to clothing/underwear over the painful area

Cura-Heat warms up gradually and reaches maximum heat within approximately 30 minutes

Cura-Heat is air-activated - do not open the sachet until you are ready to use it.



If misused heat packs can cause burns even at low temperature

Follow instructions and monitor frequently

To prevent the risk of burns:

  • Never apply the heat packs directly to the skin
  • Allow air to circulate over the heat pack and do not apply pressure, for example by lying on the heat pack or wearing a tight belt over the heat pack

If heat pack becomes uncomfortably hot remove immediately.


There are no ingredients listed for this product.

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