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Flamigel Wound Treatment Gel 50g

Flamigel Wound Treatment Gel 50g


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Brand: Flamigel
Code: 5550520004
Weight: 75g (includes packaging)


Flamigel is a hydro-active colloid gel for the treatment of minor wounds which supports the fast healing of skin by covering the wound and creating an optimal moist healing environment. Flamigel is used post lasertherapy, on superficial burns (including those caused by radiotherapy) and on minor wounds (e.g. grazes, cuts). Flamigel may also be used in superficial open cuts.

Flamigel hydro-active colloid formulation can quickly help soothe the pain of minor wounds due to its cooling effect. Flamigel helps to create optimal healing conditions to accelerate cell renewal, allowing the wound to heal fast and so reduce the likelihood of scarring. Flamigel also cushions the wound to provide a barrier against external contamination.

Flamigel can be used for dry or wet wounds:

  • In case of a dry wound, Flamigel turns the dry wound into a moist one ("hydrogel" effect). The dry wound absorbs the water contained in Flamigel and promotes the dissolution of necrotic/damaged tissue.
  • in case of a wet wound, the hydrocolloid of Flamigel is activated and consequently Flamigel absorbs the excessive fluid from the wound and restores and maintains the water balance in the wound ("hydrocolloid" effect).

Wash your hands before use and after treating the wound. Clean and dry the wound gently before applying gel.

For superficial burns and minor wounds (e.g grazes, cuts):

Carefully apply Flamigel to the wound (without rubbing) once or twice per day (in case of sunburn apply twice to six times daily).

If necessary, cover the wound with a plaster or dressing and change daily.

For superficial open wounds:

Apply a thick layer of Flamigel (5mm) to the wound minimising contact with the wound edges.

Cover Flamigel with a sterile non-adhesive dressing and fix with gauze or a bandage. Leave Flamigel in place as long as the gel structure is intact.

When new skin cells start to form and the wound is closing, only apply a thin layer of Flamigel to prevent weakening. If necessary, protect the wound edges.


For external use only.

side-effects such as irritations or allergic reactions are rare.

Do not use Flamigel when there is a known reaction to parabens or any of the ingredients.

Do not use Flamigel on the eyelids or in the eyes. If Flamigel comes into contact with the eyes, rinse with running water and consult a doctor.

On extensive weeping or infected wounds, consult a doctor before using Flamigel because other complementary treatments might be necessary.

If the wound becomes swollen, reddened or painful, or doesn't start to heal within a few days, seek medical advice.


Hydrocolloid, Arginine, Purified Water, Macrogol, Branch Chained Fatty Acid (BCFA), Methyl-p-Hydroxybenzoate (E218), Propyl-p-Hydroxybenzoate (E216), Disodium EDTA.

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