Full Marks Solution With Comb 300ml

Full Marks Solution With Comb 300ml

Full Marks Solution With Comb 300ml

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Brand: Full Marks
Code: 3257714
Weight: 330g


Kills Head Lice.
Clinically Proven.10 minute treatment.

Unlike traditional treatments that poison the lice, Full Marks solution kills head lice and their eggs by causing the lice to dehydrate and die. It is clinically proven to kill head lice and eliminate eggs when applied to dry hair and combed through with the comb provided. Should a member of the family need treatment with Full Marks Solution check other members of your family for live lice with the Full Marks Detector Comb.

A clear toxin free and pesticide free solution.
Removal comb included.
Low odour.
Two treatments from this bottle.
Each treatment only takes 10 minutes.
Suitable for adults and children from 2 year.
Suitable for those with asthma and sensitive skin.

One half of this bottle should contain enough solution to treat one infected head. However, you should apply enough to cover the entire scalp and all the hair to ensure complete success. To ensure a thorough job, divide the hair into quarters and comb each area separately.

What are head lice?

Head lice are tiny, wingless insects. When fully grown, they’re similar in size to a sesame seed. Because they can’t survive the cold, they cling to our hair, keeping close to the warmth of our heads.

Head lice are harmless – though they can cause your child’s head to itch. Head lice have been making a nuisance of themselves for thousands of years. Fortunately, getting rid of them nowadays need only take a ten minute treatment time!


How to use Full Marks Solution Head Lice Treatment:
Treatment should only take place if a live louse is found. There are 3 easy steps to kill head lice and their eggs:
Step 1: First comb through dry hair with a normal comb to remove any tangles. Now apply the solution to dry hair and massage in, ensuring that the entire scalp and all the hair are coated with the solution. Leave on for 10 minutes. Each application requires an average 500ml solution, longer and/or thicker hair may require more.
Step 2: After 10 minutes you can comb through the hair using the special comb provided, to remove dead lice and any eggs. Once you have treated the whole head in this way, you can wash out the solution using an ordinary non-conditioning shampoo. Conditioner will not be necessary. It may be necessary to wash the hair a couple of times to completely remove the solution.
Step 3: Check after 7 days and if live lice are found repeat steps 1 and 2. On day 14 check once more and treat if necessary.
Whilst your first application should kill living lice and eliminate their eggs, it is possible that some eggs may remain and these can hatch within a week. The use of Full Marks Solution on days 7 and 14 will break this cycle and kill any lice that have hatched since the last treatment.


Full Marks Head Lice Solution:
Precautions, Cautions and Warnings:

Always read the label and follow the instructions.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.
For external use only.
Discontinue use if any sensitivity is experienced.
Do not use past expiry date (see base).
This product is not water based. Keep away from naked flames.
If solution comes in contact with skin or eyes, wash away with warm water immediately.Can be used on adults, elderly and children over 2 years old.
Suitable for people with asthma and eczema


  • Isopropyl myristate
  • Cyclomethicone
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