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Glucomen Areo Blood Glucose Testing System

Glucomen Areo Blood Glucose Testing System

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Brand: Glucomen
Code: 3867397
Weight: 250g (includes packaging)


No Coding Required:
Maximum accuracy and no risk of error from incorrect coding.

3 markers for before and after meals and exercise.

Diabetes Remote Control:
Send your data by email or text message.

Contactless transfer of data from your GlucoMen Areo onto our smartphone or tablet simply by bringing them close together!


1 x GlucoMen Areo Blood Glucose Testing Meter

1 x GlucoMen Areo  10pk Test Strips (10 strips)

1 x Glucoject Dual  PLUS Pricking device

1 x Glucoject Lancets PLUS 33g (10 lancets)

1 x User Manual

1 x Blood Sampling

2 x CR2032 Batteries

1 x Warranty Card

1 x Wallet

1 x NFC Quick Guide


Insert a new test strip into the strip port. The drop icon starts blinking on the screen. If nothing appears on the screen, remove the test strip, insert it into the test strip port again and wait for the drop icon to start blinking.

Apply the drop of blood to the tip of the test strip until the check window is full. A beeper sounds (if enabled) and a countdown timer starts on the screen.

Gently shake the control solution vial before testing. Discard a drop before use. Squeeze a drop of control solution onto a clean, hard, dry surface.

Touch the control solution drop with the tip of the test strip until the check window is full. A beeper will sound (if enabled) as the countdown timer starts on the screen.

Check that your results is within the acceptable range indicated on the label of the test strip vial. If out of range, repeat the control solution test.

Press the release button to remove the strip. The meter will switch off.


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