Haleraid 120 Inhaling Aid

Haleraid 120 Inhaling Aid

Haleraid 120 Inhaling Aid


The Haleraid 120 device is made from two moulded pieces hinged together. One section fits over the mouth piece of the inhaler and the handle piece fits over the top of the inhaler. When the handle is squeezed, the inhaler activates. 

The device is designed to assist people who have difficulty pressing down their puffer. The Haleraid provides extra leverage to the user of the inhaler to provide a squeezing action. 

  • Haleraid 120 (120 dose)
  • Handgrip for use with Flixotide and Serevent. 




To load:

  • Open out he Haleraid
  • Remove the dust cap from the inhaler
  • Insert inhaler by sliding the mouthpiece downards and through the hole in the front piece of the Haleraid.
  • Swing lever over the top of the inhaler
  • Replace dust cap on inhaler
  • Operate inhaler by gently squeezing the Haleraid 



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