Henry Schein Flea Comb

Henry Schein Flea Comb


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For the removal of fleas on your pets.


1. Use your pets normal brush or comb first to groom and untangle knotted hair.
2. Stand your pet over a large sheet of white paper so you can monitor the debris removed from their coat.
3. Run the comb slowly through the fur from head to tail.
4. You may find a flea on your comb or on the paper. Capture the fleas on sticky tape and look for flea faeces by wetting the paper; they will turn blood red.
5. Repeat this procedure every 2 - 3 days.
6. If you find a flea on your pet, it is highly likely that there are many more adults, eggs and larvae in your pets fur and around your home.

The life cycle of fleas is closely connected to that of intestinal worms, so your pet may need worm-treatment.

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