Kevin Bacon's Clay 9kg

Kevin Bacon's Clay 9kg

Kevin Bacon's Clay 9kg


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Brand: Kevin Bacons
Code: 9995223360
Weight: 9000g


Kevin Bacon's Clay helps to cool and tighten tendons and tissues after exercise or competition and will help to reduce minor swellings. It is particulary good for sensitive skin and safe to use over minor cuts and grazes without causing irritation.


For periods of intensive exercise :

• Apply a 2cm layer over the whole area of the tendons and joints to be treated.
• Allow it to dry.
• Rinse the leg with water the following day.

For an anti-inflammatory and healing effect on injuries:

• Apply a clay poultice.
• Cover with plastic film and a bandage.
• Rinse the leg with water and reapply every day.


For external use only.


Manicouagan sea clay.

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