Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution 150ml

Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution 150ml
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Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution 150ml

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Brand: Kevin Bacons
Code: 9995273357
Weight: 200g (includes packaging)


Kevin Bacon's Hoof Solution is an intense anti-bacterial and fungicidal solution that may assist in combating thrush in the frog and bacterial in the white line. Its antiseptic properties and astringent action make it an excellent product for drying out and cleaning infected keratinized tissues.


Mix the product well with a small brush before use.

Smelly frogs: 1 application a day.

Thrush: 5 applications every other day.

Preventive maintenance: 1 application a week.


For equine use only.

Keep away from children.

Do not exceed recommended dose.


Glucose, fructose, copper salt, acetic acid, water.

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