Lansinoh Manual Breastpump

Lansinoh Manual Breastpump
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Lansinoh Manual Breastpump

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Brand: Lansinoh
Code: 3292836
Weight: 410g (includes packaging)


Lansinoh’s Manual Breast Pump provides a portable and convenient option for breastfeeding women who want to express discreetly and in comfort while on the move, as it does not require batteries or an electrical source.

Designed for ease of use, a simple switch at the top of the handle enables you to switch between the ‘let down’ and ‘expression’ phases of breastfeeding. The ‘let down’ phase mimics your baby’s natural sucking style at the start of the feeding process. The ‘expression’ phase replicates the longer, slower draws your baby makes during breastfeeding.

The ergonomic handle means the Lansinoh Manual Breast Pump can be used with one hand without placing any strain on your wrist. It also features a unique ComfortSeal cushion that creates a secure seal which makes pumping not only more efficient, but also more comfortable.


  • BPA and BPS Free
  • Adjustable 2 phase technology – ‘let down’ phase enables rapid pumping rhythm to stimulate and initiate milk flow; ‘expression phase’ enables slower, pumping rhythm to maximise milk flow
  • ComfortFit™ breast cushion – for better fit and suction for more efficient pumping
  • Ergonomic easy-express™ handle – reduces hand fatigue for comfortable and effortless pumping
  • Lansinoh® feeding bottle – fits with the entire Lansinoh pump and bottle range. One bottle to pump, store and feed
  • Quiet, compact and lightweight – allows for discreet pumping and perfect for on-the-go use
  • Includes NaturalWave® teat (with cap) – helps maintain established breast feeding patterns
  • Includes custom bottle stand – for securing bottle and preventing spills
  • Fewer parts – simple and easy to clean, assemble and to use
  • Part of the Lansinoh® Pump-Store-Feed system


  • Wash your hands thoroughly and make sure your breasts are clean
  • Make sure you have sterilised and carefully assembled your pump
  • Press the breast flange and ComfortSea cushion of the pump firmly against your breast; making sure the seal is secure so that no air can escape.
  • As you gently push down on the pump handle you will feel the suction on your breast. You do not need to depress the handle fully to create a vacuum; only as much as is comfortable. Initially squeeze the handle with short quick compressions until let-down is achieved. Your milk will soon start flowing even though you may not use all the suction the pump can generate.
  • Begin by pumping 6-7 times quickly to initiate let down. Then, hold the handle down for 2-3 seconds, and allow it to return to its resting place. These 2 - 3 second cycles imitate your babys natural nursing pattern and allow the milk to flow into the bottles between strokes.
  • Milk should begin to flow after the first few strokes. Do not worry if your milk does not flow immediately. Relax and continue pumping.


Do not continue pumping for more than five minutes at a time if no result is achieved. Try expressing at another time during the day. Please remember that, should pumping become very painful or uncomfortable, you should stop using the pump and consult your doctor or breastfeeding advisor.

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