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Actimove Manus Wrist Brace Right Large

Actimove Manus Wrist Brace Right Large

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Brand: Actimove
Code: 3546850
Weight: 80g (includes packaging)


Actimove® Manus is designed to provide stabilisation of the wrist without restriction of hand function.

The pre-shaped aluminium stay can be moulded for an individual fit.

Hook and loop closure for easy application and secure positioning.

The lightweight elastic material fits easily around the hand and wrist and is washable at 30°C.

Actimove® Manus wrist brace is good for those with the following wrist injuries:

  • Painful arthrosis of the wrist
  • Rheumatoid arthritis of the wrist
  • Tendovaginitis (inflammation of a tendon sheath)
  • Post-operative and post-traumatic irritations
  • Tendon injuries, ligament injuries, soft tissue injuries
  • Distortions (sprains)

Do not use Actimove® Manus where impaired lymph flow or circulatory disorders of the hand and fingers are present

Do not use for the immediate treatment of fractures

Recommendations for use:

  • In case of discomfort, numbness, changes in skin colour or swelling during wear, stop using the product
  • This product contains natural rubber latex which may cause allergic reactions
  • Actimove® Manus is available in eight different sizes, for right or left hand. The measurements are for the wrist circumference and for the distance from the ‘V’ formed between the thumb and forefinger down the forearm.
Size: To fit:
Small Wrist circumference less than 16cm; brace length: 18cm
Medium Wrist circumference 16 - 19cm; brace length: 18cm
Large Wrist circumference 19 - 21.5cm; brace length: 20cm
Extra Large Wrist circumference greater than 21.5cm; brace length: 20cm

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