Leukoplast Leukomed Sorbact Wound Dressing 8cm x 10cm Pack of 3

Leukoplast Leukomed Sorbact Wound Dressing 8cm x 10cm Pack of 3

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Brand: Leukoplast
Code: 4061180
Weight: 50g (includes packaging)


A dressing to prevent infection in wounds or for infected wounds.

Leukoplast Leukomed Sorbact effectively removes bacteria from the wound. The low adherent, absorbent wound pad absorbs low to moderate fluid levels.

The waterproof film provides protection against external contamination.

  • Latex Free
  • Removes bacteria from infected wounds
  • Waterproof
  • Breathable
  • Easy to apply
  • Sterile

Suitable for minor to medium sized Infected or non-infected wounds such as cuts, grazes, abrasions and other minor wounds.


Ensure the wound is clean.

Hold the wound dressing at the red strip. Remove the first part of the release paper.

Apply the dressing carefully but firmly on top of the wound. Now remove the second part of the release paper.

Smooth the film securely to the skin, especially around the edges. Full skin contact ensures that the dressing remains water and bacteria proof.

Carefully remove the application layer, using the red handling strip. Slowly pull it backwards, in parallel to the skin. Do not pull upwards.

To painlessly and gently remove the dressing, stretch it at one corner and pull it towards you.

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