Mepore Ultra Showerproof Island Dressing 10 x 11cm


Brand: Mepore
Code: 3377033
Weight: 0g (includes packaging)

Mepore Ultra Showerproof Island Dressing 10 x 11cm


Mepore Ultra is a self-adherent, absorbent and breathable dressing with an outer film layer which protects the wound from water and contamination. its skin-friendly, waterbased, solvent-free adhesive provides a gentle and secure fixation.


  • Open the package and remove the dressing.
  • Grip both overlapping release papers, exposing adhesive surface allowing initial fixation of the dressing.
  • Position the dressing on the skin without stretching and gently remove the rest of the release papers. Firmly smooth adhesive border to obtain proper adhesion. Do not stretch the dressing when applying.


Care should be taken to ensure that Mepore is not applied under tension, to prevent shearing forces causing damage to the skin. This is particularly important when the dressing is applied over joints.

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