Metanium Ointment 30g

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Metanium Ointment offers this kind and caring formula which quickly and efficiently soothes the pain and discomfort of nappy rash and other skin conditions. This ointment has been enriched with bundles of soothing and sensitive ingredients to care for your babys delicate skin leaving it feeling beautifully soft and bouncy.



After removing the soiled nappy, clean and wash the affected area, drying with a soft towel.
After washing your hands, dab a small amount of Metanium Ointment over the sore area with your finger tip.
Spread the ointment thinly so that the skin texture can be clearly seen through it.

Repeat at each nappy change to treat nappy rash




  • This ointment is for external use on the skin only.
  • If the rash doesn't improve in a few days or gets worse, seek advice from your doctor, pharmacist or health visitor. You should also contact a doctor if the baby's skin turns even more red, warm and swollen, and the baby gets a temperature, as the nappy rash may be caused by a bacterial infection that requires medical treatment.
  • Metanium ointment may stain some fabrics.

dimethicone 350. lignt liquid paraffin, tincture of benzoin and white soft paraffin.

Titanium dioxide 20%w/w, Titanium peroxide 5% w/w, Titanium salicylate 3% w/w.

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