MoliCare Pad Pack of 28

MoliCare Pad Pack of 28

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Brand: MoliCare
Code: 5550821015
Weight: 600g (includes packaging)


What are incontinence pads?

Incontinence pads are made from absorbent materials to help make life easier for people with incontinence symptoms or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). They offer an easy and cost-effective solution for people to manage symptoms while waiting for a diagnosis or incontinence treatment. 

MoliCare Pads - manage incontinence symptoms

MoliMed pads and products are now being sold under the brand name, MoliCare. Though these products have had packaging and name change, they are still the same products many have come to love!

For slight incontinence, our unisex MoliCare Pad is the ideal solution to regain control and not let your bladder weakness get in the way of your busy and active life. Slimline, discreet and contoured to fit your body, the MoliCare Pad fixes securely inside your underwear for a ‘barely there’ comfort feel, with exceptional dryness and protection.

These incontinence pads for men and women are tailored to provide effective management of slight incontinence symptoms. With its soft, skin-kind fabric, polyester backsheet and wide adhesive fixing strip, you can get on with your day, confident you are protected and secure against minor leaks. The absorbent core draws any moisture away from your skin while the elastic anti-leak edging gives you that extra peace of mind.

Benefits of MoliCare Pads

  • Contoured to fit your body and ensure a good fit
  • Slim and discreet
  • Adhesive strips that keep the pad in place to maximise comfort
  • Ideal for light to moderate bladder weakness
  • Waterproof Backing for security and extra peace of mind.

How to use Pads?

These pads are designed to be worn with underwear. They have adhesive strips which are used to attach the pad to the inside of underwear, keeping them in place to allow you to get on with your day. These pads should not be reused, this multi-pack provides 28 pads. 

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